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This course prepares you with the basic skills and techniques required of a florist who want to learn the basic techniques that are essential for floral designing.

Duration: 4 weeks (20 classes)

Course Fee: Rs 20000 (including, registration fee, tuition fee, tools and supplies)


Now that you know the basics of floral designing, Golden Petals will prepare you with the advanced skills and techniques required for floral designing. Learn unique designs, forms, make and international designs and trends in the industry.

Duration: 6 weeks (30 classes)

Course fee: Rs. 45,000 (including registration fee, tuition fee, tools and supplies)

Leisure Classes:

Want to use your free time wisely, pursuing a hobby? Come, enjoy and learn the smart techniques of doing your place with smart floral décor, and flaunt your designs in your social circle.  

Duration:  2 weeks (8 classes)

Course fee: Rs. 10,000 (including registration fee, tuition fee, tools and supplies)


Dear Franchisee

Golden Petals provides full and continued support to its franchisee, in running the franchisee business efficiently and profitably. There are several aspects of the franchisee business, which requires detailed training and attention of experts, to ensure that customers are happy with your products and services, employees are well trained and qualified to run the operations of the franchisee business, and most importantly the franchisee business gives you good returns to continue running it in future.

The Course will include (but not limited to)

  • Store design, layout and furniture placement
  • Design and techniques for store maintenance
  • Display window/shelves display and layout
  • Understanding flowers, different type, make, flower storage, care and handling
  • Techniques of floral wastage control
  • Designer flower arrangements style, design, colour coordination
  • Order Processing and Delivery
  • Data management, record and filing
  • Accounts maintenance and record
  • Inventory Planning & Control
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Complain Handling Techniques and Solution Design
  • Manpower planning, Job description, roster planning
  • Employee training ideas and techniques
  • Employee engagement programs
  • Vendor Management

For further information or query, please write to us at:  talk2goldenpetals@gmail.com  or call us on: +91 9830911544